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The source plays an important role and responsibility in conveying the message to the reader in a text. Therefore, the person who transmits the message must first comply with some spelling rules while transmitting the message in writing. Especially, students should pay attention to the spelling rules while writing the project reports. The most important mistake students make while writing is that they do not pay much attention to punctuation. However, the computer software used (for example, a word processor) personally checks the spelling and makes some warnings to the user. Even the user only paying attention to these warnings may be enough to prevent many mistakes.

There may be differences in meaning between words, and one of the golden rules that we should not forget is that it can be in different words that mean the same meaning. For example, the word for freeing and forgiveness are used in the same meaning even if they are separate words. It may come.

Young people in particular do not know the correct spelling of many words at this time. Even if the instructor instructors show them the wrong they did or try to correct it, the extreme technological and environmental factors they are exposed to make them forget their learning in a short time, so it is very critical to do it again and reinforce what they have learned.

To be clear, many people will ignore the spelling rules if there are no spelling mistakes in our exam system. Actually, there is a point that escapes attention. The abrasions that will occur in the words of our tongue can shake Him deeply. According to the eye, it prevents our language from deteriorating; We must encourage him to use the east and use everyone properly. Words are both deep-rooted, historical and beautiful communication methods. To protect it means to protect our culture, to protect the culture is to protect the future.

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How to Write Halısaha?

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