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One of the most important issues in the spelling rules is that it is up to date. How can a word be up to date? Yes, some synonyms can create different meanings and meanings over time, so we need to listen to new words and learn their correct spelling. As with the old words, there are words that have just entered our language.

We live in the age of technology, we all have a phone or tablet. Many confusing factors can be encountered at any time, anywhere. Even now we are compensating and even writing a lot of wrong words that we know as true. But unfortunately these words that we write unknowingly cause cultural deformation. We see this often in some movies or phenomena we refer to as youtuber, please be careful.

There may be differences in meaning between words, and one of the golden rules that we should not forget is that it can be in different words that mean the same meaning. For example, the word for freeing and forgiveness are used in the same meaning even if they are separate words. It may come.

Especially, there is a constant hesitation in writing the suffixes in-and-in. It is actually very easy to solve this situation. If we explain it with examples; The conjunction –de and –da suffixes are written separately. So how do we know if these words are conjunctions? The conjunction - de - also makes sense in itself. Read also by ignoring the suffixes in the sentence and if the meaning of the sentence is distorted, this is a suffix, it is written adjacent (it means that it does not make sense) Example: Celery in the gardens. Let's ignore and write: gardens celery. Yes, it did not mean that the sentence broke. There is no distortion when it is read by ignoring the separate-in and -da. For example: I was too late. Let us close: I was lagging a little. As you can see in these examples, there are certain patterns, and we should follow these patterns.

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