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-Ki suffix must be written separately because this appendix alone has a meaning. But how can we easily learn whether the suffix is ​​written adjacent or separate? Bring the suffix to the suffix. If a corruption occurs while reading the sentence, it should be known that it should be written separately. Example: I heard you forgot. -Let bring: I heard cellar…. It did not seem to be written separately. Yours is late. Let's bring an attachment. Yours are late. As there is no distortion, it should be written adjacent. Do not hesitate, please ask.

Humanity has tried many communication methods from past to present. Although we can inform each other with inventions such as telephone, television and radio today, writing, which is the oldest communication tool of humanity, is still up-to-date and seems to continue to be preserved.

How to Write site was created to ensure that people use words correctly. Our aim is to encourage the correct use of words and to save Him from bad effects. Thanks to our How to Write site, we find our guide in the correct use of words and thanks to him, we get rid of the question marks in our minds. So we provide information to all humanity about how to write a word. You can find a word you hesitate by searching from our site's search bar and learn the correct spelling.

One of the rules that we will pay attention to while writing is the adjective verbs. Adjective verbs must be written separately as long as they complete their sentences. One of the most common mistakes is due to the misunderstanding of the adjectives of adjective verbs. Example: Alarm Clock should be written separately, not adjacent. Since mistakes in this style are frequently made, information must be obtained from a source before writing.

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