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One of the most common mistakes in writing the words is made in the word Pre. It is a very confusing writing technique. For example (Prejudice) is a separate word, while the word (Foreword) is adjacent. Spelling rules may vary according to the effects of our time. Please note !, although both are prefixed words, one is written adjacent and one is adjacent.

-Ki suffix must be written separately because this appendix alone has a meaning. But how can we easily learn whether the suffix is ​​written adjacent or separate? Bring the suffix to the suffix. If a corruption occurs while reading the sentence, it should be known that it should be written separately. Example: I heard you forgot. -Let bring: I heard cellar…. It did not seem to be written separately. Yours is late. Let's bring an attachment. Yours are late. As there is no distortion, it should be written adjacent. Do not hesitate, please ask.

The source plays an important role and responsibility in conveying the message to the reader in a text. Therefore, the person who transmits the message must first comply with some spelling rules while transmitting the message in writing. Especially, students should pay attention to the spelling rules while writing the project reports. The most important mistake students make while writing is that they do not pay much attention to punctuation. However, the computer software used (for example, a word processor) personally checks the spelling and makes some warnings to the user. Even the user only paying attention to these warnings may be enough to prevent many mistakes.

The writing of auxiliary actions in words is extremely important. When using auxiliary funnels, if there is no fall or derivation in the first word, these words should be written separately, not adjacent. As an example, it is like to notice, to exist, so we need to see what the words mean and whether there is a fall or derivation from the editorial guides. Our site provides you with up-to-date data as a spelling guide.

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