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It is possible to write in any language spoken. Even if there is a difference between an Indian alphabet as a character and a Latin alphabet, they can definitely meet at a synonym in terms of expression and meaning. For this reason, we can see our work in some translation programs in terms of technology. You can learn the spelling of a word in a different language by using the language options on our site.

One of the rules that we will pay attention to while writing is the adjective verbs. Adjective verbs must be written separately as long as they complete their sentences. One of the most common mistakes is due to the misunderstanding of the adjectives of adjective verbs. Example: Alarm Clock should be written separately, not adjacent. Since mistakes in this style are frequently made, information must be obtained from a source before writing.

Especially in written exams and word parts of the central system exams, 1-2 questions are generally related to spelling mistakes. The misspelling is included in the paragraph or premises, and the answer to which of these questions is misspelled is asked. This is why this is how we Our site is designed to help you. You can reach the correct spelling rule whenever you want and have information about how that word is used in the sentence.

One of the most important issues in the spelling rules is that it is up to date. How can a word be up to date? Yes, some synonyms can create different meanings and meanings over time, so we need to listen to new words and learn their correct spelling. As with the old words, there are words that have just entered our language.

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