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One of the most common mistakes in writing the words is made in the word Pre. It is a very confusing writing technique. For example (Prejudice) is a separate word, while the word (Foreword) is adjacent. Spelling rules may vary according to the effects of our time. Please note !, although both are prefixed words, one is written adjacent and one is adjacent.

This word is used as above. Here, the following issue should not be forgotten. It should not be forgotten that these words in the sentence may be subjected to softening or consonant hardening (p-ç-tk) by taking additional words. For example, when the book - a suffix is ​​brought, softening occurs in the form of a book instead of a book. Or when the booksel suffix is ​​brought, consonant resemblance may occur as a bookshop. How to write such issues.You can also ask at info. Remember writing is freedom, let's be careful while writing.

How to write with the slogan of how to write. The sole purpose of our info website is to ensure that our young people take care to be correct when using our language and to support the spelling mistakes in their exams. Especially in certain words, spelling mistakes are made too much. Wrong, lonely, surprise, surprise, mistakes are often made regarding the use of both-and-and-conjunctions. You can have an idea about the correct spelling of the words by using the search box of the web address of info.

Especially in written exams and word parts of the central system exams, 1-2 questions are generally related to spelling mistakes. The misspelling is included in the paragraph or premises, and the answer to which of these questions is misspelled is asked. This is why this is how we Our site is designed to help you. You can reach the correct spelling rule whenever you want and have information about how that word is used in the sentence.

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