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Words are part of our daily lives. And using these words correctly is extremely important for human relationships. When sending an e-mail or a job application to the person or organization we are facing, we need to be very careful about how the words are written. For this reason, it would be a good option to get help from a strong source.

Especially, there is a constant hesitation in writing the suffixes in-and-in. It is actually very easy to solve this situation. If we explain it with examples; The conjunction –de and –da suffixes are written separately. So how do we know if these words are conjunctions? The conjunction - de - also makes sense in itself. Read also by ignoring the suffixes in the sentence and if the meaning of the sentence is distorted, this is a suffix, it is written adjacent (it means that it does not make sense) Example: Celery in the gardens. Let's ignore and write: gardens celery. Yes, it did not mean that the sentence broke. There is no distortion when it is read by ignoring the separate-in and -da. For example: I was too late. Let us close: I was lagging a little. As you can see in these examples, there are certain patterns, and we should follow these patterns.

There are over 190 languages ​​spoken around the world. And each language has its own characteristic features. For example, a word you wrote in English may not be able to find exactly the answer in German. For example, an English word that you write 'I'm on my way now' can mean 'I am in my place' in a different language. For this reason, it is very important to check the exact value of the words carefully.

There are writings everywhere we look, words on the road, on television, even in our home while sitting, writings everywhere. What do you think would have happened if people had not met an activity like writing? Here is a better understanding of how important writing and words are, so it is very important that we write the words correctly and according to the spelling guide.

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