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Especially in written exams and word parts of the central system exams, 1-2 questions are generally related to spelling mistakes. The misspelling is included in the paragraph or premises, and the answer to which of these questions is misspelled is asked. This is why this is how we Our site is designed to help you. You can reach the correct spelling rule whenever you want and have information about how that word is used in the sentence.

With the developing technology and mobile addictions, our children either do not know or forget the words we used to use. It even creates a new language by deriving new words among themselves. Our site is a guide for our children to speak and write the words correctly. There will be new words in our language, but be careful not to use abbreviation words that do not mean anything.

Words are part of our daily lives. And using these words correctly is extremely important for human relationships. When sending an e-mail or a job application to the person or organization we are facing, we need to be very careful about how the words are written. For this reason, it would be a good option to get help from a strong source.

One of the most effective communication methods among people is writing. It is one of the best ways of communication and therapy both to explain something to the other and to write for self-expression. But one of the most important factors while writing is that it is understandable and smooth.

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How to Write an Erkân cushion?

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