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-Ki suffix must be written separately because this appendix alone has a meaning. But how can we easily learn whether the suffix is ​​written adjacent or separate? Bring the suffix to the suffix. If a corruption occurs while reading the sentence, it should be known that it should be written separately. Example: I heard you forgot. -Let bring: I heard cellar…. It did not seem to be written separately. Yours is late. Let's bring an attachment. Yours are late. As there is no distortion, it should be written adjacent. Do not hesitate, please ask.

One of the oldest and most effective methods of communication in the history of the world is writing. From the very first day of the dream, he communicates with people by writing and communicating. Even if technology develops, our writing tradition seems to last forever. Even sending an e-mail has become very easy. If you tried to explain this to the first people in the world, they probably wouldn't take you seriously.

To be clear, many people will ignore the spelling rules if there are no spelling mistakes in our exam system. Actually, there is a point that escapes attention. The abrasions that will occur in the words of our tongue can shake Him deeply. According to the eye, it prevents our language from deteriorating; We must encourage him to use the east and use everyone properly. Words are both deep-rooted, historical and beautiful communication methods. To protect it means to protect our culture, to protect the culture is to protect the future.

Words are part of our daily lives. And using these words correctly is extremely important for human relationships. When sending an e-mail or a job application to the person or organization we are facing, we need to be very careful about how the words are written. For this reason, it would be a good option to get help from a strong source.

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