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Your child starts learning on the first day of birth, and begins writing on the first day of school. Writing and words are very important in our lives. Writing words correctly is vitally important and critical. Please take care to write the words correctly, because we continue as we learn. If we learn correctly, we get used to talking and writing correctly.

One of the rules that we will pay attention to while writing is the adjective verbs. Adjective verbs must be written separately as long as they complete their sentences. One of the most common mistakes is due to the misunderstanding of the adjectives of adjective verbs. Example: Alarm Clock should be written separately, not adjacent. Since mistakes in this style are frequently made, information must be obtained from a source before writing.

Young people in particular do not know the correct spelling of many words at this time. Even if the instructor instructors show them the wrong they did or try to correct it, the extreme technological and environmental factors they are exposed to make them forget their learning in a short time, so it is very critical to do it again and reinforce what they have learned.

One of the most common mistakes in writing the words is made in the word Pre. It is a very confusing writing technique. For example (Prejudice) is a separate word, while the word (Foreword) is adjacent. Spelling rules may vary according to the effects of our time. Please note !, although both are prefixed words, one is written adjacent and one is adjacent.

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