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Especially, there is a constant hesitation in writing the suffixes in-and-in. It is actually very easy to solve this situation. If we explain it with examples; The conjunction –de and –da suffixes are written separately. So how do we know if these words are conjunctions? The conjunction - de - also makes sense in itself. Read also by ignoring the suffixes in the sentence and if the meaning of the sentence is distorted, this is a suffix, it is written adjacent (it means that it does not make sense) Example: Celery in the gardens. Let's ignore and write: gardens celery. Yes, it did not mean that the sentence broke. There is no distortion when it is read by ignoring the separate-in and -da. For example: I was too late. Let us close: I was lagging a little. As you can see in these examples, there are certain patterns, and we should follow these patterns.

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